O.N. Care Team & Groups

O.N. Care Team

The Overcomers Network has a team who are willing to walk you through the process from beginning to maturity. Our Care Team is available to you discuss feelings such as: rejection, loneliness, shame, condemnation, etc. Please feel free to contact one of Care Team Members by emailing admin@overcomersnetworkglobal.org.


O.N. Life Groups

The O.N. Life Groups are formally known as local chapters. We have groups in local cities and regions who operates as a local arm to our network. Life Groups are encouraged to fellowship locally and create a local network to represent the whole.  To learn more about our local Life Groups, email: mfurlow@overcomersnetworkglobal.org.
If you’re an established member and wish to establish a local life group in your area, please contact our President.



Anthony Rucker, Lead


Donald Elder, Lead


Jade Ingraham, Lead

Tri-State  (NY, NJ, PA)

Donnell Clement, Lead

O.N. Discipleship Groups

The O.N. Discipleship Groups were established in 2017 at a retreat. It started by creating vision, accountability and community. Currently, we have 4 groups of 12 who are fully functioning. The goal of the discipleship groups is to build accountability among each other to excel in every facet of life. Each year the groups set annual personal goals and assessments to obtain in life such as: spiritual, finances, career, personal and family growth. To learn more about discipleship groups, email mfurlow@overcomersnetworkglobal.org.

First Wives Club

First Wives Club is a part of The Unique Transformation Enterprise and is partnering with the O.N. First Wives Club is a support group for women who are married to men who have overcome sexual brokenness. This support group is geared toward training, fellowshipping and demonstrating love and support to one another. Most women who are married to men overcoming sexual brokenness or trauma struggle in silence. This support group will help break the silence and provide a safe space to journey through the life of overcoming the anxiety, stress and lack of support of being married. For more information email: kfurlow@overcomersnetworkglobal.org.