Pastor DL Foster

Founder & President Emeritus

DL Foster

About Pastor DL Foster

Pastor DL Foster founded the Overcomers Network January 2010. The foundation of the Overcomers Network is a multicultural empowerment organization committed to reaching beyond the constructs of the institutional church in order to raise up and send out strong, mature disciples of Jesus Christ able to impact our world on issues of sexuality and faith.

In such a time as this where the forces of darkness have galvanized and are focused on diminishing the work of God, we are likewise organizing, building and preparing ourselves to be adamant witnesses of the power of God. His power isn’t confined to a Sunday morning church service, but lives inside every committed believer who yields to his will.

As the founder of this fellowship of believers, it’s my pure motive and clear vision to stand and declare, to decree and perform the charge God has given into our hands. Being faithful is a high priority to me. As God has been faithful to bless and establish me, I endeavor to be faithful to his call to the best of my ability.

The Overcomers Network has three key intangibles that serve as vanguards in carrying out our mission and focus. Be Committed. Be Consistent. Be Credible. In both our personal and ministry endeavors, we strive to be examples of what God is calling for. It’s my personal resolve and the collective resolve of this network to bridge the gaps, pave the way, set the example, uphold the truth and love people to deliverance.

The shed blood of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ affirms it and the resurrection of the same demands it.